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This program is a 5 day conversation where the commitment to BEING Internally Referenced is crucial for processing information in the body. It is my Intention and my commitment that makes so much unfold in these five days for me. This is about my evolution and yours. We build on safety in ourSELVES, for the deep dive to unlock what holds us back from Becoming and Knowing so much more about ourSELVES. The deep dive is for the expansion of spirit in the body.

It is about processing unnecessary data held in the body from the past..old beliefs, values and attitudes. I AM looking for Space, Movement and Flow. Allowing the present moment to BE all there is, collapses walls between the past and present. Then I get to choose my future differently . I also experience more of who I AM. The focus is on subtle and large movements in the body not the story. This focus is not always easy, but to know the difference is very important. This is about quantum processing for Triggering Life Choices.

It takes courage and stamina to BE Internally referenced….to BE the I AM. The conditioned self is made up of my thoughts, beliefs and attitudes. These love to dictate my choices. To choose from mySELF takes knowing who I AM. If this conversation calls to you contact me at
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Whispers From Within

Another sharing of a ten day writing exercise with 9 other women.

Hello Beautiful Goddesses,
What Linda has just moved inside me was so profound. Then I listened to the music and it sounded like infinity to me. Yes I had thoughts about what moved thru me but I would be guessing.. The energy and information was ready to move and I needed you to share Linda to make that happen. Thank you for opening your heart to share.

I have been in a women gathering all evening. Our topic was “What is my intention for Being here on planet earth”

Intention has come up so many times in women’s conversations for me that I was happy to share about it and listen to others share also. It appeared to bring agitation for half the group. I realized I want my intention to be infinite, no beginning and no ending. What I want to align with is the wise energetic Being that isn’t born and doesn’t die. Sometimes I Am far from alignment. Often I am right there. I want my intention to be ” to wake up fully in my body in every moment possible. I want to be comfortable with who I AM in each moment. I want my life to unfold beautifully.

The other women shared so much. I shared about the authenticity in our group of women. How we did not judge each other. I felt connected to you women. You all shared so much from such a deep place. I also felt like my say is important too.

Another way of putting my intention for BEING here is to be authentic and connected to others intimately. This presence will invite my world to unfold beautifully.

This has been a very rich experience for me .Thank you everyone! Much respect, Holly
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Hello Wonder Women,
I would like to invite you to some conversations I AM having at my place
3228 Hwy4 beside the store in West River Saltsprings area.There is an old
store and then a new one was built on the other side of the road.

I AM ready to have some conversations about who I AM becoming. I Am ready to
go beyond where, when,what ,how and why. I AM ready to make choices about
who I AM becoming.

These conversations are based on how we feel in the moment. We take
ownership for how we feel in our bodies thru breathing and letting the
energy and information move. Sometimes we laugh, sometimes we cry, sometimes
we inspire and some times we agitate each other. Whatever moves inside me is
about me.

I would love for you to join in on the exploration of who we are becoming.
Here we can say how we feel and BE ourSELVES.

Sept. 14th Intuition……Letting the body lead

Sept. 28th What is my intention for Being on Planet Earth? Do you have an

Oct. 12th Let’s discuss the chakras
Does your Intention affect your chakras?
Are your chakras excessive, open or deficient?

OCt. 26th This evening can be more on the chakras or someone can pick a
topic they would like to be discussed.

Two books that might be of interest to you are
Wheels of light by Anodea Judith THis is all about the chakras and
psychology. New Paradigm New World by Louise Le Brun This is all about
Quantum Physics and the body being the quantum biological being.
This last book is an I BOOK on the computer. I paid $6 for it and the
first one costs $25.50

I hope to see you Sept. 14th. I hope you had a great summer! Much respect,
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Whispers From Within

This is a writing I shared with 9 other women in response to one woman’s writing. We write consistently for 10 Days with each other . The first woman writes her thoughts and inspirations and then I become aware of what moves inside me and then I write my thoughts and inspirations. Then she writes again for 10 more days. This helps me become more internally referenced. This leads to expressing how I feel from deep inside not just what I have been taught to say. It promotes honesty, creativity and a knowing how I feel in that moment.IMG_2132

Hello Beautiful Goddesses,
I feel so blessed to listen to you remarkable women share your truth! Thank you so much! I had a warm gentle day today. Yoga, a walk with my daughter’s dog Kona under huge pine and oak trees.I knew I had a job I have been putting off to do today. It was re- insulating a section of my ceiling in the big workshop because the raccoons got up there and were pooping in an area that I didn’t see .

Often jobs like this can bum me out because there are other things I would like to be doing. The roof is low to the ceiling and the electric wires are there to work around. Today it was different. I was alive in my body.If I AM magnificent then I AM going to treat mySELF that way. I was breathing well with my mask on and I told mySELF how awesome I AM for getting this job done. It is going very well. I will be done soon. I evolved right there…..the wonderful experience I had within mySELF was beautiful. All time was now. I didn’t think gratitude my body felt it. I was huge, beyond my body. I was so in love with mySELF and this moment.

Thank you for helping me see this. If I wasn’t writing to you I might not have acknowledged it like I have. Sweet dreams, good nite. Holly


IMG_2130Hello Beautiful Women,

Thank you so much for coming out last night and sharing with me about dying, death or change of address. Since you are all aspects of me, everything you shared was pertinent for me. The following are some inspirations from the evening and My Inward Journey.
1 Dying is about letting go. So letting go over and over in my daily life is crucial.
2 Accepting beginning and endings are all about letting go.
3 Welcoming the joy and sorrows are part of the letting go process.
4 Breath and relaxation is an important part of the letting go.
5 Who Am I when I let go? When I let go, a space can open inside me for me to become more and share more of who I really AM. Everything is made up of molecules, protons, neutrons, electrons and boundless energy.
6 Living fully and breathing fully, in more of the unknown moments allows space inside to attract what I want.
7 Opening my heart to each of you last night allowed me to feel and see how connected we all are. Also how important a community of women who want to evolve is.
8 And just possibly, I may help to heal 2 generations who have passed on and 2 generations who are still living, my children and my grandchildren. Taking responsibility and committing to doing my own personal work does far more than I ever thought , to bringing more clarity and peace to this world. For me , these are the real Peace talks!
Much Respect, Holly Irons


Hello Wonder Women,

My name is Holly Irons. I have been in conversation with people for 40+ years. The WEL Systems Conversations have been the most riveting for me because there is no format. It is spontaneous.It is about who I AM right now and Who I AM Becoming. That allows potential,safety,science and the Sacred. I wish to invite you to listen and share if it calls to you. I feel womens’ voices are so important today and it is extremely important to share our deep inner thoughts and feelings. As women share their thoughts and feelings we have the opportunity to own what feelings move inside us by staying present and relaxing into our bodies. Not always easy but I have learned a lot about mySELF by doing so.The insights and knowing begin to flow.

I wish to invite you to four Woman Gatherings by way of Go To meeting on your computer. You can email me to confirm and I will send you a link… email address is

Sunday Feb. 2, 2016 6pm-9pm Nova Scotia time

The topic will be KNOWING YOUR BODY

Sunday March 13 6pm-9pm


Sunday April 3. 6pm-9pm


Sunday May 15. 6pm-9pm



Looking forward to sharing with you!

DSC04600Photo by Tim Hanrahan