THE RISE              2016

The Rise

When I gather with women and share my greatness, passions, vulnerability and agitation I feel the vibration within so much more. Is the exciting vibration about my trip, meeting with friends, or riding the waves? As wonderful as these are, they stop and start and they are my creations. What about the SOURCE of this exciting vibration or this intensity.

My truth about mySELF is waking up my cells allowing the vibration that I AM to explode in my body. What about the chaos, my agitation, it’s negative isn’t it? If I express that then I will be shunned. Speaking my truth is negative and positive. It is who I AM. All of it allows for more aliveness in my body. It teaches me to OWN all that moves thru me. It’s not about other people ,places or things. It is all about what moves inside me. It teaches me to honour mySELF.

The source of the vibration that I AM lies within me. I know I have looked outside mySELF many times. I have made my agitation about something outside mySELF. Agitation is my gateway to experience more of mySELF. The saying “Know Thyself” has been around for a long time but I had no idea it was so full of expansiveness and beautiful vibrations.

The vibration is who I AM. I can align with it or not. Aliveness comes from all the choices I make to choose mySelf. Do I choose to BE my SELF, Know MYSELF, own it all and raise my consciousness a little more? Moment to moment I get to choose. The RISE is real. It is the building blocks of a new world. That’s why I am here to take part in raising my consciousness to a new level. Have a GREAT DAY!!!!!

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