Engaging and Awakening Others ~ Nov 20 to 24, 2017 Location in Nova Scotia to be announced This 5 day Engaging and Awakening Others experience is like no other. Holly Irons and Nancy Hanlon intentionally hold space, to allow the raw, unedited conversations that will invite each of us, to come face to face with the core family and community systems that have shaped each of our lives. The conversation is based in WEL-Systems context, which offers a safe space on all Logical Levels Thinking, the genius of the CODE Model as a gateway for the body and the lived process of Accelerated Evolution Consciousness and beyond. This call is for Women hungry and willing to engage their potential to RISE into their Greatness, freeing themselves from their lineage, as they own the power from within. In Holly’s words This Engaging and Awakening Others is a 5-day exploration into our past to face our habitual ways of thinking and fears within ourselves. Habitual ways of thinking and fears can lock down information in the body and create many health problems and decrease our ability to create the world we want to live. It may sound like catharsis but it is more about enabling the body to process information. For this there needs to be Safety, Science and the Sacred. Some of the story may be spoken but it is more about the impulses in the body and allowing them to move and process. The reason these five days are a Sacred time to me is because I have taken the time to sit in conversation with others listening to my body impulses, my intuition, my intention and my insights. This has allowed me to find the Safety within mySELF that I need to speak my truth. The Science is about how wise the body really is. The body can process 3trillion bits of information in one second. This device is brilliant. The thoughts can handle 5-12 bits of information. It is my time to let the body lead. Internal referencing allows me to process intensity, impulses, sensations, energy and information. This allows me to gain insights into my life. This involves deep listening, honoring and respecting my wisdom and imperfections. The family systems can run many strategies and these are important to explore and find new pathways to transform and create a new way of BEING. In Nancy’s Words The opportunity is simple: Show up for YourSelf. Choose to dive deeper into what holds you back. Invite and continue to trust the power of quantum science, a touch of the sacred and own your potential to stand in greater alignment with your purpose. The content of our lives may be different, and yet the undercurrent of misguided beliefs, limiting attitudes and enmeshed values is what continues to captivate most of us to the conditioning and habits of history. This conversation is not for the faint of heart, expect authenticity, truth, quantum processing and transformation at a Soul level. What to expect: • Individual and group processes that accelerate evolution • Family Systems & Nested Living Systems material relevant to the process • Old ways of being/living to fall away and create space for the new ways of being • Rediscover your own inner wisdom and willingness to lead by your uniqueness, that require you to own your truth in each moment and stand alone, • Awaken your own unique capacity and trust your intuition to shape family, work and community systems Do you hear the call, to move beyond your history, and the collective history of the status quo? Are you ready and willing to dive into the next wave of your personal evolution? Be the catalyst for others in your life, in your family, work and community? Your investment: $2500.00 Cdn includes 25 Cd set of Engaging and Awakening Others (Valued at $500 plus HST) For more information contact Nancy at hanlon3n@gmail.com or Holly at hollykayak@gmail.com. Register and payment for program contact Holly.