photo by  NOAH HILL

THIS IS AN INVITATION to carve out some sacred time to allow to allow the body to lead.  I have been aware on my own journeythat when I set time aside to be with women who want to be present to themselves and each other,  I have been able to own and process unresolved issues.

When I process information inside mySELF my external world changes all by itself. I begin to choose  differently  and I begin to have different thoughts about who I AM. As I let go of the roles I play in this culturally conditioned life I open mySELF to become more expansive, creative, knowing and loving of mySELF.

This time is about triggering unfinished  business inside. We share some thoughts and own what moves inside the body. I believe Unfinished  Business affects our health. Holding  and armor patterns has decreased my immune system. So this is all about healing ourselves from the inside. I am delighted to be on this journey and want to be with women who are also interested.

This is a two day experience June 3-4. It can be from 9-5 or 12-8pm depending on people’s gardens and spring activities. Investment is pay it forward or a donation of your choice.


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