The Sacred Path

I awoke this morning to the sound of my breath. I felt filled up and a letting go. Many mornings I wake up to a busy mind and then breathe in and out.  Today  there is a strong thrust forward forward in my body. I know a lot more of me faces forward in my life. The tethers to my past have less of a hold and what I am noticing is a lot more respect, honour and joy of BEING mySELF. I AM CREATING my NEW WORLD.

In a culture where friends, money, homes and vacations are the abundance. Today my abundance is my experience of mySELF with great respect for my ever unfolding life. I don’t look at my past  and see mistakes and happiness. I look at my past and see my evolvement to who I AM becoming Today and Tomorrow with gladness in my heart, soul and body.

I remember a meditation teacher saying saying the world will change when people find  their true happiness within. As I grow in respect for MySelf I know true happiness is an inside job and the path is very SACRED.



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