RYS Episode 91 with Louise LeBrun and Holly Irons


Today, we’re going to take a look at what it can mean to be a Cultural Crone…. to be that woman who has lived long and knows deeply; who has trusted the power of innocence and known intimately its great consequences; who has danced in the magic of creation and the ongoing responsibility of its expressions; and who now, is coming to discover the density of cultural coma and what it takes to penetrate the illusions of limitation of time, presence and possibility.

Drawing from the paradigm-shifting expressions of Maiden, Goddess and Crone as explored in the WEL-Systems® audio program on Sexual, Sensual and Spiritual Beings, we are about to step into a process of discovery that will take us to consider: As Crone, how else might I choose to be fully and authentically my Self? How else might I be the living permission for younger women to lay down the limitations of culture, history and habit… and live large! We hold the power to control, chastise and limit the women whose lives we touch… OR to let go of our own perceived limitations and pave the way for women to come to know themselves differently, deeply, authentically and now!

To listen click here.


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