IMG_2130Hello Beautiful Women,

Thank you so much for coming out last night and sharing with me about dying, death or change of address. Since you are all aspects of me, everything you shared was pertinent for me. The following are some inspirations from the evening and My Inward Journey.
1 Dying is about letting go. So letting go over and over in my daily life is crucial.
2 Accepting beginning and endings are all about letting go.
3 Welcoming the joy and sorrows are part of the letting go process.
4 Breath and relaxation is an important part of the letting go.
5 Who Am I when I let go? When I let go, a space can open inside me for me to become more and share more of who I really AM. Everything is made up of molecules, protons, neutrons, electrons and boundless energy.
6 Living fully and breathing fully, in more of the unknown moments allows space inside to attract what I want.
7 Opening my heart to each of you last night allowed me to feel and see how connected we all are. Also how important a community of women who want to evolve is.
8 And just possibly, I may help to heal 2 generations who have passed on and 2 generations who are still living, my children and my grandchildren. Taking responsibility and committing to doing my own personal work does far more than I ever thought , to bringing more clarity and peace to this world. For me , these are the real Peace talks!
Much Respect, Holly Irons