Women In Power

Women In Power Evening Conversation Series: Who Am I?

‘Women and Power, a series of presentations delivered live on a variety of topics of interest to women, and the people in their lives. Women and Power is based on the belief that women are strong, competent and courageous; that we, as women, are not in training but are full practitioners at life; and that leadership into the 21st Century must come from women. Each of the topics in the series is designed to bring women closer to an awareness of who we are and – more importantly – who we might become! Each topic explores some of the challenges that women face in their own growth and expansion, and in the growth and expansion in their relationships with people around them.’ ~ WEL-Systems website

This 4 evening conversation series will include one hour listening to the Women In Power cd and a two hour conversation to follow.

Women Gatherings

There has been lots rattling shaking and moving for me so I hope there might be some women out there for me to have some conversations with!!!!! Basically, it’s for speaking about what’s moving inside us at that moment coming from a place aligned with Spirit, Self and Breath. They are called Women Gatherings and open to anyone curious about Self Discovery in a WEL-Systems context for Living.


May 15th 2013 7:00pm- Holly Irons place

Come explore a conversation about the belief systems we carry, that can limit potential, health, creativity, and abundance. Email me to confirm your spot ( Max 10 women.

May 22nd 2013 7:00pm- Holly Irons place

Come sit, breathe and be aware of your body. Greater awareness in my body has led to lots of information and belief systems being processed. This has led me to greater safety, health, creativity and wonderment of the force that I AM. Email me to confirm your spot ( Max 10 women.

May 29th 2013 7:00pm- Holly Irons place

Come deepen your awareness in the present moment. My power, creativity and brightness lies in the present moment. My body is always in the present moment. My intellect loves to live in the past or the future. Thus I do not live to my full capacity. This is why I choose to trust my impulse and body’s wisdom in the present moment. Email me to confirm your spot ( Max 10 women.