The Sacred Path

I awoke this morning to the sound of my breath. I felt filled up and a letting go. Many mornings I wake up to a busy mind and then breathe in and out.  Today  there is a strong thrust forward forward in my body. I know a lot more of me faces forward in my life. The tethers to my past have less of a hold and what I am noticing is a lot more respect, honour and joy of BEING mySELF. I AM CREATING my NEW WORLD.

In a culture where friends, money, homes and vacations are the abundance. Today my abundance is my experience of mySELF with great respect for my ever unfolding life. I don’t look at my past  and see mistakes and happiness. I look at my past and see my evolvement to who I AM becoming Today and Tomorrow with gladness in my heart, soul and body.

I remember a meditation teacher saying saying the world will change when people find  their true happiness within. As I grow in respect for MySelf I know true happiness is an inside job and the path is very SACRED.





photo by  NOAH HILL

THIS IS AN INVITATION to carve out some sacred time to allow to allow the body to lead.  I have been aware on my own journeythat when I set time aside to be with women who want to be present to themselves and each other,  I have been able to own and process unresolved issues.

When I process information inside mySELF my external world changes all by itself. I begin to choose  differently  and I begin to have different thoughts about who I AM. As I let go of the roles I play in this culturally conditioned life I open mySELF to become more expansive, creative, knowing and loving of mySELF.

This time is about triggering unfinished  business inside. We share some thoughts and own what moves inside the body. I believe Unfinished  Business affects our health. Holding  and armor patterns has decreased my immune system. So this is all about healing ourselves from the inside. I am delighted to be on this journey and want to be with women who are also interested.

This is a two day experience June 3-4. It can be from 9-5 or 12-8pm depending on people’s gardens and spring activities. Investment is pay it forward or a donation of your choice.


A 5-day intensive experience of accelerated personal evolution through yoga & conversation with Holly Irons & Raina McDonald. This process, supported by the WEL-Systems® body of knowledge, is for women who hear their call to dive into transformation as a way of being. Ready to peel back the layers of your conditioned self to embrace a soul-fuelled journey consciously designed breath-to-breath? Then this life-altering conversation is for you!

Dates: Thursday June 22nd – Monday June 26th, 2017 (start and end times TBD)
Location: Salt Springs, Pictou County, Nova Scotia, Canada (farmhouse on countryside acreage with nature trail)

Investment: $1250 CAD for the 5-Day Intensive. The required CDs are a separate cost. To order your digital download of the Decloaking and Living Authentically CDs (value $250 CAD) click on the WEL-Systems link: . A deposit of $500 will hold your spot.

To Register or for more details: email Holly Irons ( or Raina McDonald (

Space is limited to an intimate group of courageous women.
In Holly’s words:

I want to invite women to a 5 day program called Decloaking and Living Authentically. This is a big conversation about who we are becoming. There is science supporting we are more than mother, sister, teacher, farmer,doctor, pilot, wife etc. We are the very life force that gives life to our human body. These are conversations that allow us to go beyond our roles and education which can be very limiting. These are conversations that can create space in our bodies, expand our consciousness and allow us to experience our Beingness. Being internally referenced allows anger, hurt, resentment and chaos to come from within and be processed within. This allows me to be responsible for how I feel by letting my body feel the impulses and letting my body lead me. This way I can let my intellect listen to my body and make Choices that support me and I can always change my mind. The more I AM present to mySELF the more I can be present to others and accept them for who they are. When chaos fills my body I AM having an opportunity to process and open to joy and contentment from within.

In Raina’s words:

In 2008, with a back injury that wasn’t healing and a buried desire to truly be and love myself more freely, I stepped into a five-day program called Decloaking and Living Authentically. This began my powerful journey back home to myself. I came to see the cloaks that I had accumulated through childhood and into womanhood: heavy soul-suppressing layers easily acquired in a culture that so often fosters disconnection from Self. I was presented with the work of Louise LeBrun, information that continues to be my invitation to grow. Through this gateway, I relax into my body in an exhilarating way that allows for the processing of my past and the unshakeable arrival of who I am becoming… over and over again.
I’ve been deeply committed to my personal growth game ever since that wild first ride of Decloaking! Having engaged in and held space for countless consciousness-expanding conversations, I am passionate about fuelling cultural change that starts with personal evolution. Following an inner call to re-engage this potent experience, I am so excited to be collaborating with my mother-in-law and wise, nurturing soul Holly Irons. As part of this Decloaking, I will be offering yoga as a safe crucible space to rest the busy mind, integrate experience/emotion in the body and invite Spirit to fully arrive.

RYS Episode 91 with Louise LeBrun and Holly Irons


Today, we’re going to take a look at what it can mean to be a Cultural Crone…. to be that woman who has lived long and knows deeply; who has trusted the power of innocence and known intimately its great consequences; who has danced in the magic of creation and the ongoing responsibility of its expressions; and who now, is coming to discover the density of cultural coma and what it takes to penetrate the illusions of limitation of time, presence and possibility.

Drawing from the paradigm-shifting expressions of Maiden, Goddess and Crone as explored in the WEL-Systems® audio program on Sexual, Sensual and Spiritual Beings, we are about to step into a process of discovery that will take us to consider: As Crone, how else might I choose to be fully and authentically my Self? How else might I be the living permission for younger women to lay down the limitations of culture, history and habit… and live large! We hold the power to control, chastise and limit the women whose lives we touch… OR to let go of our own perceived limitations and pave the way for women to come to know themselves differently, deeply, authentically and now!

To listen click here.

Reclaiming Your Self ~ Episode 98 ~ Cultural Crones: The Power of Permission

IMG_2146One of the great benefits that comes with the massive wave of Baby Boomers moving through time, is the inescapable presence of women in their full expression as Cultural Crones (women 50+). If the future of the world is in the hands of women (Kofi Annan and many others share that view), then these Cultural Crones are the vanguard of the requisite Space to make way for women to fully engage!

To listen click here.

The Love of My Life

The love of my life

Is whole and free

The love of my life

Has it all inside

The love of my life is me


I can feel and share its bounty

But I can not own it

Or keep it for a sad day


For the love of my life is free flowing

It can move when I AM open inside

Tummy and jaw relaxed

And my breath is like the tide

In and out


The love that I AM is all about

Who I think I AM

Closed up like a clam

Or Open like a fan


Open allows my old beliefs to process

So I can know who I really AM

The creator of my world


So when my Beliefs, thoughts, words and actions align

I do experience the love and know I AM

This poem is dedicated to Noah and Hannah Hill my grandchildren.